3rd Anniversary x GIVEAWAY


In celebration of our 3rd anniversary, we host an eBike giveaway to provide 2 lucky riders with our 2022 best model -- Urban. We were overwhelmed by the heartfelt words, pictures and videos you shared. Each story touched our hearts deeply. We'd like to sincerely thank each of you for your story. We wish you all of the greatest adventures and new lifestyle from here on out!


With that being said, our selected eBike winners are @jesseduffing & @kychadwick. Congratulations on your Win! And big thanks to all the participants. We're grateful to have so many Eahora riders in our big family. To all Eahora members and subscribers, past and present, thank you so much for your support and companionship.

Check out @jesseduffing & @kychadwick's story below!



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