Eahora Juliet

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Meet Juliet, designed for cyclists who want reliable and extremely long-range riding. The first ebike with a pouch-cell battery (based on the EV-class standard), provides 2,880Wh power for longer and faster cruises. Featuring the step-through frame, Juliet could be the best choice for all ages and body mobility.

Electric Bike * 1 (85% assembled)
Ebike Battery * 1 (2 keys)
Battery Charger * 1
Front Tire * 1
Headlight * 1
Pedals * 2 (left & right)
Screws & Toolkit * 1
Owner's Manual * 1

5 Levels Pedal-Assist (Cadence Sensor)
5 Levels Throttle
8 Seconds Auto-Cruise Control
7-Speed Non-Electric
6 KM/H Walk

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The Warranty Period begins (no need to register) upon your receipt of the ebike and shall end immediately upon the earlier of the end of the Warranty Period.
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Version 48V 1,000W
48V 1,000W
48V 1,000W
52V 1,500W
52V 1,500W
Color Blue

Custom Accessories

46 - 55 KM/H

for PAS & throttle

160 - 175 KM

range per charge

60AH 2.88KWH

48V battery

Reliable Cruiser Juliet

1/3 Juliet‘s Reliable Riding System

1,000W DC Geared Hub Motor

Enjoy the thrills of the new generation motor with 1000W rated, 1200W peak output, and 110 max torque. The new upgraded controller with 25A max output makes it easier than ever to ride up hills and tackle challenging terrain.

Max Torque: 110N.m
Gradeability: 30° - 40°

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2/3 Juliet‘s Reliable Riding System

2,880Wh Pouch-Cell Battery

The 60Ah largest battery capacity of the 48V e-bike has EV-class safety standards to ensure safe storage and maximally extend your riding range. Revel in its superior energy density, minimal self-discharge, and unmatched security compared to traditional lithium-ion counterparts.

Range Throttle: 90 - 95 KM
Range Pedal-Assist: 175 - 190 KM

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3/3 Juliet‘s Reliable Riding System

3.5" Full-Function Color LCD

Track your ride and bike status with the user-friendly YL81F display. The colored screen can show the speed, battery, and mileage. It also allows you to ride in 5 levels pedal assist, full-speed throttle, 6km/h walk, and cruise control modes.

Login Password: Supported (DEFAULT: 1212)
Cruise Control / Walk Mode: Supported

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Size & Geometry

Recommended Rider Height: 165CM - 195CM

Ⓐ - Total Length: 183CM
Ⓑ - Wheel Base: 124CM
Ⓒ - Seat Height: 82CM - 102CM
Ⓓ - Handlebar Height: 108CM
Ⓔ - Rim Diameter: 42CM
Ⓕ - Standover: 61.5CM
Ⓖ - Reach Distance: 58CM
Ⓗ - Chain Stay Length: 48CM
Ⓘ - Seat Angle: 74.7°
Ⓙ - Seat Tube Length: 27CM
Ⓚ - Bike Width: 71CM
Ⓛ - Top Tube Length: 60CM


Fine-Tuned Front & Rear Suspension

The suspension system of Juliet not only ensures comfortable riding on all terrains but also contributes to flexible control of this heavy bike.


Developed based on the SHIMANO system philosophy, all the ideas, designs and productions are for better collaboration.
Upshifting feels solid and effortless, backshifting feels fast and crisp, accurate shifting, light and smooth, and good stability.

CST 20" BFT Tire with Hydraulic Brakes

All terrain ready. The deep treads ensure a smooth ride, the extra width provides stability, strong grip and traction. Take on any terrain with ease. The 180mm rotors hydraulic brakes provide strong stopping power, unsure the excellent braking performance and durability.

20W High-Brightness Headlight

Long-distance penetration, you can master demanding trails even in twilight hours and moonless nights.

Heavy-Duty Rear Rack

Utilize additional space for your possessions. Our robust cargo rack has a remarkable capacity of 60lbs, with four designated slots, installation of a rear basket is a breeze.

Custom Thicked Saddle Seat

The innovative foam layer liberates your hips, double shock absorbing balls and expansive design contribute to exceptional ease during your ride.


Technical Specifications

*To ensure uninterrupted suppluying and shipping, some parts may differ from those listed.
Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.

Basic Specs

  • Bike Class
  • Class 3 ebike with throttle and pedal asssit functions.
  • Bike Weight
  • 52.6 kg in total with the battery. The battery weighs 12.5 kg.
  • Range per Charge
  • 90 - 95 km on throttle mode. 175 - 190 km on pas mode.
  • Payload Capacity
  • Recomend rider weight within 150 kg.

Electronic System

  • Motor
  • 1000W DC hub motor, cassette; rated torque: 90N.m.
  • Battery
  • 48V 60AH (2.88KWH) battery.
  • Controller
  • 48V, 25 ± 0.5A; 12MOS.
  • Charger
  • 54.6V ~ 5A smart charger; input 100-240V 50/60HZ.
  • Display
  • 4" portrait color display(YL-81F), IP65 Waterproof; brightness: 100CD/M2
  • Lights
  • Front light 48V 8W LED light; rear intergrated brake lights, turn-signal lights.
  • Wiring
  • Water resistant connectors and wiring harness.
  • Waterproof Rates
  • IP65 Waterproof, including motor battery, display and wiring.

Bicycle Components

  • Frame
  • Carbon Steel; frame size: 20" * 18".
  • Brakes
  • 180MM front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Brake Levers
  • Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch.
  • Tires
  • 20" * 4" CST tires; tire pressure marked on sidewall.
  • Fork
  • 80MM travel mechanic suspension alloy fork, non-adjustable.
  • Rear Suspension
  • 35MM Travel Spring suspension(HLT-100) * 2.
  • Chain
  • DG50 chain.
  • Crank Set
  • 48T * 165MM, dual-sided chainring guard.
  • Shifters
  • Shimano 7-speed.
  • Derailleur
  • Shimano 7-speed.
  • Freewheel
  • Shimano 7-speed, 14-28T.
  • Grip
  • Comfort rubber ergo grips.
  • Handlebar
  • BMX handlebar.
  • Pedals
  • 9/16, polymer bearing.
  • Headset
  • Intergrated threadless headset.
  • Rack
  • Customized steel rear rack.
  • Kickstand
  • Aluminum alloy kickstand with plastic foot.
  • Fenders
  • Custom fat tire fenders, no bracket arm.
  • Saddle
  • Comfort leather saddle.
  • Rims
  • Aluminum 36H spoke wheel.
  • Seatpost
  • Aluminum seapost with clamp.
  • Bell
  • Electric horn integrated into the headlight.

FAQ & Reviews

The brightness of the display is not adjustable. We'd recommend you try to adjust its position (by rotating the display bracket more vertically) to tune the readability under sunlight.

It's no more difficult to handle on riding than other 20-30 kg 45-70 lbs bikes while it's harder to walk home or lift for storage/ transport.

You can, but do not have to. The lithium battery allows charging it after every ride to stay in full or charge after runs out. Both of these charging preferences will not shorten the lifespan (or reduce the charging cycles) of it. But for long-term storage (winter or other situations,) 40-60 percent charged and check&recharge monthly is the best.

Many customers may think Juliet is a female bike with first sight to the step-through frame and BMX handlebar bike. But in our original design, Juliet is a good workhorse for customers who spend a lot of time through the streets. Obviously, the step-thru frame is the most practical design for frequently getting off and back on it, the wider BMX handlebar is easier to handle and more comfortable for long-lasting rides.

Our Juliet is IP65 for outdoor use. You can ride it in the rain but should park it under the roof if rains.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Sergio Servin
Powerful Bike and battery

This bike is so beautiful and powerful and the battery is the Best for all day long and is true 120 to 130 miles with pedal assistance am so happy with my purchase thank you so much Eahora for this beautiful Bike100%recomended

Basically a class M2 moped, but with pedals so it's a "bike"

So let me start by saying I love the bike. But my review is going to reflect that it's not for everyone. So if I sound critical, I'm not. It's just that the Juliet is basically a huge honking battery with a bike built around it. If you need/want the huge honking battery, this is great. This bike will REALLY get 80-100 miles on a single charge. That is a real number and not a make believe number like it is on some bikes. But there are some tradeoffs made to work the big honking battery in. The most obvious trade off is in size and weight. This bike is large and heavy. The battery is large heavy. The frame to hold the battery is large and heavy. The double post fork that holds that weight limits the turning radius of the handle bars making turning this bike around or maneuvering it while walking more difficult. Without power, this bike is a bear to move... don't plan on riding this without motor assist -- the pedals are pretty much "wink wink, this is a *bike*, and not a class M2 moped", and while they do "work", don't get this bike expecting to use them much. That said, the bike handles fine when riding with throttle, and the throttle is VERY configurable in the system settings (which are comprehensive, if cryptic). I was able to set mine up so that PAS 1 was slow high pedestrian traffic, PAS is 15mph which is the trail speed limit where I live, PAS 3 is 20mph to match my son's class 2 ebike, PAS 4 is 25mph for most side streets, and PAS 5 is max power. I mentioned class M2 moped, you should be aware that this bike will go up to about 32mph, which is more than the 28mph limit of class 3 (albiet not much), and it does so with throttle only (which is not allowed for class 3), so while this looks like a bike and you aren't very likely to get pulled over on it like you would be on a Sur Ron or Talaria, the bike is not technically road legal in most US areas.

The bike comes stock with a lot of quality of life features -- including a bright headlight that has low and high beam, and has daytime running light, the tail light is a working break light that comes on when you pull the break handle, and the bike even has rear facing turn signals. As I mentioned the display/UI is highly configurable if not intuitive. It could be brighter -- it's a little hard to see in daylight. The included rear rack is awesome and HUGE. I was able to mount my large rear basket LONG ways, which is awesome as now the basket doesn't stick out wide on me.

The breaks and suspension are good enough. I had to remove a washer on the bolt holding the rear brack onto the frame that was scraping the rear rotor, and have a velofix guy come and do new bike wonkiness adjustments, so while it all works now, it wasn't a perfectly smooth assembly process. That said, the ride is smooth and the stopping is good. This actually has a rear suspension which many bikes in the same price range do not.

I personally wish the bike came with higher handle bars as I am a tall guy, but it's not unridable as it is. I also wish the bike had a step over variant, as the mid step over bar would give a place to anchor a U lock and strap on pouches that really don't work with the down tube that is honking huge to fit the honking huge battery. It would also be nice if the bike had mounting support for a rear wheel frame lock given the door dash use case (not how I use it, but this bike is popular for that use case, and given how hard it is to fit a U lock or chain around this, a frame lock would be awesome).

I would caveat -- The area I ride is flat -- I've seen review videos and if you live in a really hilly area, this bike may struggle with steep climbs. It will handle a small climb no problem, but if you do a lot of really hilly riding, you might want a lighter bike, and perhaps something with a more torquey motor. This motor is way more powerful than say a typical class 2 bike such as a Rad Rover or Rad City, and it is certainly geared better, but lets just say that it DOES get up to 30mph, but it takes its time getting there. It's quite good for what this bike is, but its not a torquey mid drive climbing/accelleration monster.

All and all tho, despite my quibbles, this has so far been a great bike. It's a perfect road around town bike with plenty of range and enough speed for surface street riding, as well as the lights and signals. More or less, if you want the insane range, and are willing to live with the heavy bike that goes with that range, I highly recommend this. Frankly the bike around the battery is way better than it needed to be for the price point it occupies. Especially when you consider that the battery is about half the cost by itself.

(PS: the Blue color is awesome. It looks grey in the marketing shots, but in person, it is very clearly a metallic blue that looks great. I am glad I took the chance on that).

Edward Harpe
The Juliet rocks!

My favourite bike yet! Versatility, range and style. Looking forward to future upgrades and accessories! Great touring experience!

Roger Posusta
Excellent EV bike for the cost

My first purchase of this kind of bike and I was very impressed with the quality and overall performance for the price. It hasn't been above freezing yet but I will know more after a few more miles but no complaints.

Mario Dumont
My first look !

It seem built to last and have a amazing look, it seem to have a very big capacity to make a big ride with that big battery 60 amp 48 volts, i will come back to let my comment about my first ride when i will did.

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