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    Assembled easy, looks great & tons of fun! Added flat-out to wheels & commuting to work with these crazy drivers in Chicago! Would recommend to anyone looking for alternate transportation to save on gas & maintenance with your car!

  • Lots of power!

    "The e-bike has a 500 watt motor that offers great speed at almost 30 mp/h on the throttle alone, the motor provides a lot of power to get up hills and bridges with ease."

    Steven F.
  • Tremendous Bike

    "I have since put almost 1 thousand miles on it as of Oct 6, 22. The bike gets me everywhere I need to go with town, gym, school, park and even grocery store."

    Aidan M.
  • Great Bike at a great price.

    "This is my first time experiencing an E-bike and I love it. My wife and I each have the AM100. This has renewed my enthusiasm for riding bikes again. The battery has more than enough power to handle the hills in our neighborhood which had kept me from riding in the past......"

    Craig F.

    Loving this bike. Can't really find any fault in it. I use it almost every day for any excuse at all not to burn gas in the car. I did change the seat, and added a couple of bigger, brighter LED red lights in the back for safety. Otherwise, it's good to go. It comes almost completely assembled. Just needed to unbox, unfold, install the pedals, and erect the steering bar. I highly recommend it.

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