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Light, swift, and fast are the points we design for the new Apus ebike with a carbon-fiber frame. The bike only weighs 17.9 kg without the battery, even though it features a 750W motor and 180mm disc brakes, making it easier for road bike lovers to ride and carry.

Electric Bike * 1 (85% assembled)
Ebike Battery * 1 (2 keys)
Battery Charger * 1
Front Tire * 1
Pedals * 2 (left & right)
Screws & Toolkit * 1
Owner's Manual * 1

5 Levels Pedal-Assist (Cadence Sensor)
5 Levels Throttle
8 Seconds Auto-Cruise Control
7-Speed Non-Electric
6 KM/H Walk

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Our limited 1-YEAR warranty covers all Eahora bikes and scooters. All components and parts are promised zero material, quality, and workmanship defective. We will provide replacement item(s) for free if there's such issue(s) to find during the warranty period.
The Warranty Period begins (no need to register) upon your receipt of the ebike and shall end immediately upon the earlier of the end of the Warranty Period.
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Color Grey

Custom Accessories

37 - 40 KM/H

for PAS & throttle

80 - 90 KM

range per charge

15AH 720WH

48V battery

All-Rounder APUS

1/3 APUS Reliable Drive System

48V 15Ah Battery

Utilizing the innovative aluminum wire welding technique and incorporating a sizable 15Ah battery, APUS has effectively achieved substantially increased power output while minimizing energy consumption.

Throtte Mode Range: 56-59 KM
PAS Mode Range: 80 - 90 KM

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2/3 APUS Reliable Drive System

750W Motor

With a formidable 750 Watt rear-drive motor, you can boldly traverse any terrain. Its unrivaled power ensures that you are never left wanting. Moreover, with the added benefit of high torque, your efforts will remain preserved. Leverage all your control over the power delivery with the seamless inclusion of 7-speed gears.

Max Torque: 75N.m
Gradeability: 20°

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3/3 APUS Reliable Drive System

Smart Display

Effortlessly monitor your cycling progress and bike condition with the intuitive YL81F display. Boasting a vibrant color screen, this high-performance device displays key parameters such as speed, battery level, and mileage. With its advanced functionality, you can effortlessly switch between five pedal assist levels, full-speed throttle, and cruise control modes, giving you complete control over your ride.

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Size & Geometry

Recommended Rider Height: 5'7" - 6'4" or 170CM - 195CM

Ⓐ - Total Length: 68.5" or 174CM
Ⓑ - Wheel Base: 42.5" or 108CM
Ⓒ - Seat Height: 33.5"-39.4" or 85CM-100CM
Ⓓ - Handlebar Height: 39.8" or 101CM
Ⓔ - Rim Diameter: 24" or 57.5CM
Ⓕ - Standover: 31.5" or 80CM
Ⓖ - Reach Distance: 17.3" or 44CM
Ⓗ - Chain Stay Length: 16.7" or 42.5CM
Ⓘ - Seat Angle: 66.8°
Ⓙ - Seat Tube Length: 16.5" or 42CM
Ⓚ - Bike Width: 25.9" or 66CM
Ⓛ - Top Tube Length: 22.8" or 58CM



Achieve greater brake efficiency with180mm mechanic disc brakes. Provide a smooth stop even at high speeds.


Crafted from top-notch non-slip rubber for unparalleled endurance, equipped with a single aluminum alloy lock-on mechanism.


The 7-speed derailleur provides increased flexibility for riding through different weather and terrain. When paired with the pedal-assist system, you have the freedom to find your ideal speed and experience ultimate cycling satisfaction.


The innovative and ergonomically-designed saddle provides ample hip space, leading to unparalleled comfort throughout your cycling experience.

CST 26* 1.95 TIRE

Discover the ultimate cycling ally with CST 26* 1.95 tires, designed to provide unparalleled grip and traction on every terrain. Boasting exceptional braking and puncture-proof capabilities.


The steel chain and gear are a perfect match, achieving optimal chain control in the single-speed 38T aluminum alloy crankset design.


Technical Specifications

*To ensure uninterrupted suppluying and shipping, some parts may differ from those listed.
Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.


  • Bike Class
  • Class 3 ebike with 5-level pedal assist and throttle.
  • Bike Weight
  • 50.1 lbs in total with the battery.
  • Range per Charge
  • 35 - 37 miles on throttle mode. 40 - 63 miles on pas mode.
  • Payload Capacity
  • Recomend rider weight within 220lbs.

Electronic System

  • Motor
  • 750W DC hub motor, cassette; Torque: 75N.M.
  • Battery
  • 48V 15AH (720WH) lithium battery.
  • Controller
  • 48V, 18 ± 0.5A; 6MOS.
  • Charger
  • 54.6V ~ 2A smart charger; input 100-240V 50/60HZ.
  • Display
  • 4" portrait color display(Mask), brightness: 100CD/M2
  • Lights
  • Front light.
  • Wiring
  • Wiring harness with water-resistant connectors.
  • Waterproof Rates
  • IP65 Waterproof, including motor battery, display and wiring.

Bicycle Components

  • Frame
  • Carbon Fiber; frame size: 26" * 18".
  • Brakes
  • 180MM front and rear mechanical disc brakes.
  • Brake Levers
  • Aluminum alloy levers with motor cutoff switch.
  • Tires
  • 26" * 1.95" CST tires; tire pressure marked on sidewall.
  • Fork
  • Rigid aluminum alloy fork.
  • Rear Suspension
  • None.
  • Chain
  • KMC Chain.
  • Crank Set
  • 38T * 170MM, CNC.
  • Shifters
  • Shimano (SL-TX50-7R) 7-speed.
  • Derailleur
  • Shimano (RD-TY300) 7-speed.
  • Grip
  • Comfort rubber ergo grips.
  • Handlebar
  • Rise Handlebar, w 720 * φ 22.2.
  • Pedals
  • Wellgo (B087B) aluminum pedals with reflectors, polymer bearing.
  • Headset
  • Intergrated threadless headset.
  • Rack
  • None
  • Kickstand
  • Aluminum alloy kickstand with plastic foot.
  • Fenders
  • None.
  • Saddle
  • Leather fabric, breathable, memory foam.
  • Rims
  • Aluminum 36H spoke wheel.
  • Seatpost
  • Aluminum seapost with clamp.
  • Bell
  • None.

    FAQ & Reviews

    To ensure your Eahora ebike arrives in pristine condition, we take extra care in packaging. As a result, most of our ebikes are shipped at 85% assembly, requiring only minimal effort on your part. You'll simply need to attach the front wheels, handlebars, and pedals, which can easily be done with the tools and instructional videos that we provide. No need to worry about purchasing any additional tools – we've got you covered with everything you need for a seamless assembly process.

    Great news! All Eahora ebikes are equipped with a convenient Sport Mode feature. This means that even if your battery runs out during your ride or if you simply want to enjoy the exhilaration of manual cycling for exercise, you can effortlessly switch to this mode. In Sport Mode, your ebike functions just like a regular bike, giving you the freedom and flexibility to pedal with ease. So whether it's for fitness or when you need that extra boost, our ebikes have got you covered.

    Rest assured, every Eahora ebike is accompanied by a charger that perfectly matches its specifications. For optimal performance and to guarantee seamless electronic control adaptation, we strongly advise utilizing the original charger that comes with your ebike. This ensures that your ebike receives the precise charging it requires, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and reliable riding experience.

    At Eahora, our ebikes belong to Class 3, offering you a high-performance riding experience. It's important to note that different countries may have specific requirements when it comes to ebike registration. Rest assured, we've got you covered. If you need any information regarding the registration process according to the laws of your country, we are more than happy to provide you with all the relevant details. Your safety and compliance are our top priorities.

    Absolutely! You'll be glad to know that removing and charging the battery indoors is a breeze with Eahora ebikes. Our expertly designed ebikes feature easily detachable batteries that can be removed within just 2 minutes, completely hassle-free and without compromising safety. Rest assured, our batteries are meticulously chosen for their exceptional quality and are fully compliant with the rigorous UL certification standards.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Cameron Reimer
    Good First E-Bike that Doesn't Break the Bank

    Great little bike that has great range and speed for under 1000$. I wish the seat was more comfortable but otherwise, the bike is great, and I couldn't ask for more given the price. I removed a star because the battery mount came broken in shipping. They quickly sent me a new part but were given no instructions on how to change the broken part. I figured it out myself but others might have a hard time if the same happens.

    Zafer Kizir
    got me hooked on sheer engineering excellence

    after owning this bike for 2 months, I see no need to buy a Tesla.
    The sheer aesthetics, the joyful silent acceleration of 1000W+ of power is poetry in action.
    However, one must be careful with such brutal power...
    The bike is silent, hence beware of the pedestrians around you in a coffee shop - just power off the bike.
    You can easily kill yourself at 24 mph if you are stupid enought not to wear your helmet.
    You can easily kill yourself by failing to notify the car drivers around you in a junction.
    First get comfortable in a grass park in suburbia, do not learn this in a busy city street.
    Do not fall and get your bones broken on thi bike - reduce the pedal assist to 3 from 5 so no bones broken.

    Derrick S.
    Nice But Came Damaged

    This bike is a looker and while I haven't had an opportunity to ride it yet (more on that later) I have some initial observations.

    1. Very unique look.
    2. Instructions and assembly videos are trash. I had to figure things out on my own. If you're an avid biker maybe you wouldn't need good instructions but I am not.
    3. The color shown is black and white but mine was the color of champagne. Still nice looking.
    4. The hideous see through battery compartment and large writing that says something welding. Tacky and really detracts from the look of the bike. When it's out of warranty I will paint it black.
    5. Bike came scratched up in several places. I can live with that.
    6. Battery compartment was completely busted so I was unable to connect the battery at all. The seat adjustment piece was also cracked in 3 different places so again I cannot ride it since it is proprietary.
    7. It's been over 24hrs and still no response from support.
    8. They integrated a headlight but no tail light. Seems like a no-brainer to have included a rear light.
    9. Front shock feels extremely soft. Definitely not stiff enough.
    10. Love the large color LCD screen.
    11. All materials feel premium.

    I will update the review once I get a my replacement parts.

    Sara Hyser
    Best R bike ever

    Love it so fast

    My first ev bike .

    This is my first e bike . I knew I wanted to stay in the 1k range and I know thats on the lower end for ev bikes . I knew in that range I would be getting more of a street bike . They dont seem to be geared towards off road unless youre in the 6k range and up . After some research I went with the 2023 model . Ive put about 50 miles on the bike . I have to admit Im having a blast with the bike . The bike came packed extremely well . It was packed nicely with a good amount of foam to keep the bike from taking any damage . I found the instructions easy enough and had the bike put together in 30 min . Once the bike was done and I took it for a spin . The controls are easy to use and are very simple to under stand hit the plus or minus button to change the peddle assist 1-5 .The motor will kick on when you start peddling and will cut off once you stop there is also a lever/throttle you can push down to go fill auto . The screen that holds your data is easy to read in the sun light and tracks all your data from miles , range , speed ec. The bike rides pretty smooth and is fast . Over all Im pretty happy with the bike . I think it was a perfect choice for zipping around . I love how the bike weighs only 50 lbs a lot lighter compared to other bikes in the 80lb range. Going full auto level 5 my bike hit about 26 and using level 5 with peddle assist I hit around 28.5 . Its almost too fast zipping around town but boy it feels like youre flying ! There are a few negatives about the bike and hopefully they can fix on the 2024 model . Im 510 and 178 lbs . The handle bars sit way to low , period! They need to be raised up a good 3 inches so I dont feel so bent over in its current state I feel like I can get a good 30 min ride before I start to feel uncomfortable . Next the front shocks need to be a lot stiffer or a way to adjust the stiffness. They shouldnt be bottoming out when I hit the brakes ! The last compliment I have is the bike needs to be switched from a 7 to 9 gears . When Im riding in level 5 peddle assist 7th gear is not high enough and Im having to peddle way to fast trying to keep up with the motor ! 7th gear and level 4 assist is a sweet spot for sure ! If they can mail these simple fixes on the 2204 model they will go from a good bike to a great bike !! Also I like how the bike has a front headlight untested in the dark ! Wish it had a break light . But thats miner as you can add your own .

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