Cupid Cargo Kit 6

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 ONLY compatible with the Cupid bike.

The custom full storage-upgrading kit of the Cupid bike. The solid carbon-steel racks & baskets, and the waterproof nylon bags provide a practical and durable solution for any storage needs.

Payload Capacity:
Front Rack ≤ 15kg (33 lbs)
Rear Rack ≤ 25kg (55 lbs)

High-carbon Steel
Polyester, Waterproof Zipper

Front Rack, Width - 270mm / Length - 350mm / Height - 125mm
Front Basket, Width - 310mm / Length - 280mm / Depth - 130mm
Rear Rack, Width - 170mm / Length - 485mm / Height - 66mm
Rear Basket, Width - 450mm / Length - 335mm / Depth - 145mm

Even Weight Distribution: Make sure to evenly distribute weight across each accessory for better balance and stability while riding. Place heavier items closer to the center and lighter ones towards the edges.

Secure Your Load: Use straps, bungee cords, or cargo nets to tightly secure your belongings to the rear and front racks, as well as the baskets. This prevents shifting during rides and keeps your cargo safe.

Follow Load Capacity: Stick to the manufacturer's recommended load capacity to ensure safe operation. Overloading can affect stability and performance, so avoid exceeding the weight limit.

Balance the Bike: Depending on the weight of your cargo, it might impact the bike's handling. Get familiar with how the loaded accessories affect balance and adjust your riding accordingly.

Regular Maintenance: Check the racks and baskets regularly for wear, loose bolts, or damage. Replace any worn-out parts to maintain stability and ensure a secure attachment to your bike.

Compatibility: Before buying accessories, ensure they're compatible with your specific bike model. Check size, shape, and attachment mechanisms for a proper fit.

Frame Bag * 1
Front Rack * 1
Front Basket * 1
Rear Rack * 1
Rear Basket * 1
Rear Bag * 1
Mounting Hardware Kit * 1
The package weighs 20 lbs (18kg).

Eahora provides the same warranty for sold accessories and parts as it's covered by the warranty policy for sold bikes and scooters.
This item was promised to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

There will be a 7% fee when canceling order(s) not shipped.
Please think carefully before placing the order.

The item can be returned if it arrives broken (full refund) or not opened.
The 7% fee and shipping cost will be deducted for "don't want any more" returns.

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