Ultimate Guide of Ebike Battery Maintenance

Ultimate Guide of Ebike Battery Maintenance

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Ready to hit the road in the upcoming spring cycling?

Whether you're a novice rider wanting some extra guidance or an experienced cyclist needing a brush up on best practices, this guide will help keep your ebike battery running in peak condition. Read on for useful tips and tricks that can extend the life of your ebiking adventures!

Cold temperatures pose an obstacle for all electronics. It can easily cause damage to our e-bike battery. But how? The ions of the lithium-ion battery move in a viscous electrolyte. With decreasing temperatures, the electrolyte becomes even more viscous. This increases resistance for the ions, which means the ions have difficulty penetrating the electrolyte. This ultimately results in the battery supplying less energy than it does at normal temperatures. Here come the tips:

Storage and Chariging

Mind the Temperature

Take the battery with you into the warmth, keep it at room temperature and only insert it just before you want to set off. Our ebike’s battery is kind of like a cup of coffee in the morning. It gives our ebike the jolt it needs to wake up and perform at its best, you don't want your battery to be too hot or too cold. Cold temperatures both drain our batteries and cause the engine to require more power to get started. It’s best to charge your Eahora battery in a temperature-controlled environment, preferably indoors, between 32 °F – 104 °F (0 °C – 40 °C).

Keep it Clean

Over time, dirt, debris, and corrosion can accumulate on our ebike’s battery, which can be big trouble if it gets into the cells. Cleaning your battery periodically with a combination of baking soda and water on a damp brush will effectively remove any corrosion without damaging the battery terminals. Be sure to completely remove any baking soda when you are done as it can cause further corrosion.

Charge it properly

When charging, the outside temperature must be right for the power stores to charge correctly. Do not run the battery completely empty. Before you store your ebike for the long term, charge the battery to a 75%-80% range. Check on it every month to make sure the percentage of the battery's energy doesn't drop under 75%. This will help you to extend the battery's life.

Can I Ride My Eahora in the Rain?

Riding an Eahora ebike in light rain or malfunctioning weather will do no harm to your bike, as all our ebikes are built to the IPX65 water-resistant standards. Although it is fine to ride in the rain, it's important to take preventative measures such as drying contacts on the battery and using the electrical contact cleaner. Extreme weather conditions may call for additional protection like terminal grease or avoiding immersion of your ebike and its battery – this includes pressurized washers which can cause damage.

Essential Best Practices

To ensure optimal ebike battery performance, regularly inspect the electrical contacts between your battery and controller. Keep them clean and make sure prongs remain unbent - even a small amount of grit can diminish its lifespan! Last but not least, never charge it overnight, you'll be depleting cells faster than ever before.

With proper care, your e-bike battery can last a long time - just remember one point: if it's too hot or too cold for you, then the same goes for your battery! In following these simple steps now, it will ensure that you enjoy every second of riding in the future.

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